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About Us

The Tauro Group specializes in providing training and consulting solutions to various stakeholders in the financial services and mining industry. Our services include consulting and training in the areas of risk assessment, financial modelling, deal appraisal, and financial structuring for debt and equity transactions.

Perry Fisher (Founder)

Perry has extensive experience in investment banking where he structured multimillion-dollar transactions, developed pricing models, managed investment-related risks, prepared client pitches and successfully closed deals. Prior to investment banking, Perry worked as a training facilitator for a small business incubator program, taught A-level Economics, Statistics and Mathematics, and also authored mathematics textbooks for distance learning students. Perry holds a Bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science and an Honours degree in Advanced Mathematics of Finance. 

Training for Financial Professionals

Tauro Group Education provides cutting edge training solutions for professionals in the areas of project finance, financial modelling, and treasury instruments. Our training courses have been developed based on direct market experience, coupled with extensive consultation with currently-practicing industry experts.

Financial Models and Presentation Templates

Download our professional financial model and PowerPoint presentation templates, best suited for professionals and businesses working for and working with investment banks.

Secondary Education Courses

Tauro Group Education provides easy-to-understand video courses, geared towards helping high school students ace their exams. Courses are designed to give practical real-world applications to the subject matter being taught, based on the real-life career experience of the course instructors. This makes the course material more engaging, and offers students insights into what opportunities would be open to them in the real economy post high school.

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